Nyonya Style Wok Fried ³AhSam² Prawn with Pineapple_2

A recipe to Impress loved ones this Chinese New Year!

Spice up your Chinese New Year celebrations with this appetizing dish. Makan Kitchen Chinese Sous Chef Chong Wai Yin, shares his festive recipe of Nyonya Style Wok Fried Assam Prawns with Pineapple.

Nyonya Style Wok Fried Assam Prawns with Pineapple

Ingredients (Serving for 4 people):
Tiger prawn (30/40 per kg) 1kg
Pineapple (sliced) 200gm
Red chili (cut 2cm x 1cm) 4nos
Chili sauce 200gm

Sauce (A)
Ginger Flower (Bunga Kantan) 100gm
Chili Padi 30gm
Red Chili 100gm
Lemongrass 30gm
Shallot 60gm
Lime juice 70gm

Sauce (B)
Tomato sauce 70gm
Salt 40gm
Sugar 60gm

Methods of preparation:-
- Blend Sauce (A) ingredients until it is fine and minced. (Add some water)
- Mixed well both Sauce (A) ingredients and Sauce (B) ingredients. Set aside.
- Heat oil until 180°C, add the tiger prawns and fry for about 4 minutes,
- Next, sauté the pineapple and red chili. Set aside. (Ingredient C)
- Heat the frying wok over medium heat, add some oil and chopped garlic.
- Get ready the mixed Sauce (A) and Sauce (B) and mixed with chili sauce to be added into the wok.
- Lastly, add the fried tiger prawns and (Ingredient C), and cook for 2 minutes.
- The prawns are ready to be served.

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