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Musang King Shiok! Cake

Durian fans can look forward to savouring premium quality musang king, the main ingredient of the cake, most sought after for its superior taste and golden rich creamy flesh in comparison to other durian varieties. In addition to the luxurious musang king durian, other indulgent ingredients include salted caramel, coffee latte, cheese soufflé and mini […]

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Winning creation at F&B Masters Pastry Cup

Mango Calamansi Mousse with Chocolate Bavarois, Chocolate Ice Cream, Hazelnut Coconut Dacquoise and Berry Compote This dessert created by Kimberly Yeap, is a delicate balance of flavours between the tangy citrus of the mango and calamansi with the richness of chocolate and dacquoise. The result is a delicate dessert that is both refreshing and elegant. […]