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5 Reasons Why Wedding Planners Still Prefer Weddings In Hotels

Most weddings planners will tell that they prefer hotel weddings, and there are many reasons for that. While  we aren’t exactly fans of predictable wedding venues, we do feel a need to caution brides on what to expect if you choose to NOT have your wedding in a hotel.

#1 A lot More Hassle
You might need to put everything together yourself, including caters. Some venues even require you to bring in your own tables and chairs, which could mean additional costs if you’re renting them.You also risk having to get lower quality items if rental prices are too expensive.

#2 You Might Spend More
When you break everything down,it might eventually cost you more. Guests, on the other hand, always expect things to be cheaper than they really are, which could mean smaller ang pows. Also, if your wedding is not in town, some vendors might ask for a transportation fees.

#3 Unclear Contracts
Here’s the riskiest part: unlike hotels, a lot of other venues don’t provide proper contacts. You might end up spending a lot more than your initial quotation amount. The lack of proper procedures could also be frustrating and caused unnecessary stress.

#4 Facilities
Many venues lack adequate parking spaces for your guests, which could be very inconvenient. Do ensure that the venue is appropriate for your guests, and if it is an outdoor space, make sure there is a Plan B.

#5 Service
When it comes to service, hotels are virtually unparallelled. Other venues will probably not have a banquet manager, bellboys to help with carrying items, ans a team to assist you. so unless you have a coordinator and a troop of willing and capable friends, you might be better off sticking with a hotel. Hotels will also provide you with a bridal suite, which exactly what you’ll need after a long day.

Article courtesy from The Wedding Notebook