Makan is the Malay word for “eating”. Rise and shine, and savour our traditional yet diverse breakfast buffet as you watch chefs in action theater and flair at our distinctive and exciting open kitchens. Enjoy the wide array of breakfast options, eat as much as you like … it is our way of sharing a great “makan” journey with you.

Being housed within The Intermark, Makan Kitchen serves up a satisfying lunch experience largely for the business and corporate groups surrounding the city business centers. The lunch menu boasts of a good mix of hearty Malaysian dishes Makan Kitchen is known for, in addition to salads, soups and desserts to accompany good conversations and business candor. RM79 per person

Makan Kitchen serves up a sumptuous Hi-Tea spread with over 60 classic favourites from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kristang, Nyonya and Ibanese cuisine, infused with a refreshing modern twist. RM91 per person

Dinners have never been this good! Dine amidst three live interactive kitchens with dishes made to order. Feast on a wide array of more than eighty local dishes from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya, Kristang and Iban cuisine featured in the restaurant’s dinner buffet menu. Look out for six exciting new dishes reflecting a true showcase of Malaysian dining featuring traditional favourites re-invented with a modern touch. RM135 per person

Order up from Makan Kitchen’s exciting menu with a wide selection of local favourites and international dishes featuring an array of delicious appetizers, sandwiches, mains, desserts and more!

All prices are inclusive of 10% service charge.