Kuala Lumpur born Noorliza is our dedicated team leader service associate at The Food Store. Affectionately known as Liza, she has been in the service industry for more than 10 years covering different areas of service line which includes retail, public relations and food and beverage. She can be seen diligently ensuring smooth day-to-day operations whilst brewing up delicious coffees at The Food Store. Liza has always been a motivator and strongly believes that being positive and passionate in what she does being the key to success. It is this can-do attitude that has earned her the title of ‘Hero of the month’ in December last year at the hotel.



Behind the counters at The Food Store is Suhana, team member at the outlet since 2013. Suhana strongly believes that a good cup of coffee is essential to start the day right. Hence, she specializes in making great cups of coffee and ensuring that guests at the hotel enjoys every sip of their cuppa during their time at the outlet. Ever ready with a smile and approachable attitude, Suhana describes herself as being talkative and friendly. Aside from making a kicker cuppa, she is also a food enthusiast. A true foodie, Suhana enjoys trying new cafés and keeping herself up to date with the latest food trend in her spare time.