4 Drinks that can help regulate diabetes

One of the most common diseases that arises due to lack of sufficient insulin secretion in the body is chronic in nature and results in less or no blood sugar reaching the cells of the human body. Estimates done by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that the percent growth in diabetic patients in India will be over 100 by next 10 years. The major factors that lead to the possibility of these diseases are high-calorie diet, lousy routine and lack of exercises, managing which, the risk of getting into such a situation or even developing a possibility can be reduced to an optimum amount. 

High blood sugar symptoms include high thirst, frequent urination, nausea, shortness of breath, etc. As healthy and fruitful it is to have a proper eating diet, drinking good choices of beverages play a significant role in maintaining blood sugar levels. One way is to use supplements like, Horlicks Cardia Plus. Other natural ways can be water, which is the best choice to regulate sugar levels and also healthy juices and teas. Soft-fizzy drinks should be avoided in these situations.

4 drinks that can be included in the diet for maintaining and regulating sugar levels are mentioned below.

  1. Karela Juice: A great option to choose that contains charantin which is a blood-glucose reducing agent. Consuming a glass of this juice daily as first thing in the morning helps in regulating sugar levels in the most optimum way.
  2. Methi Water: The most impactful natural resource known for controlling sugar levels is methi dana, 10 grams of which, if consumed on a daily basis can result in controlling type-2 diabetes. Its water has fibre and has the ability of lowering down digestion pace and consequently sugar levels too.
  3. Barley Water (Jau): A rich in insoluble fibre water, whose antioxidant property maintains a distance with diseases helps regulate and maintain a good level of glucose. It is recommended to consume unsweetened versions for optimum output.
  4. Green Tea: Considered as a decent option to go for that has proved to help in lowering glucose level and maintain good health in general as well.