Gingerbread Houses Can Be Delicious and Beautiful Recipes

Gingerbread Houses Can Be Delicious and Beautiful Recipes

Decorating gingerbread houses can be a wonderful Christmas tradition. While making the houses beautiful is a major part of the activity, part of the fun is eating all of the candy and decorations afterward. Making a beautiful gingerbread house will be a disappointment if none of the decorations are enjoyable. Here are some tasty treats that you can use that will light up the gingerbread house and satisfy your sugar cravings.

First, be careful that you only buy edible decorations that you like to eat. If you know that no one in your family enjoys sour candies then don’t buy any for decorations for the gingerbread house. Pick things that are already favorites and find a way to use them.

Second, recognize that it is okay to choose food items and not just candy. Breakfast cereal is an excellent choice for gingerbread houses. Cereal is uniform in shape and size and is perfect for spaces like roofs or structural decorations. Cereal is also going to taste good with the frosting that you use to ‘glue’ all of the ingredients and decorations on to the gingerbread house.

Third, learn how to manipulate candy to better suit your purposes. Licorice, jelly-based candies and fruit roll-ups can be cut to fit any design or size that you need to decorate your house with. Soft candy, usually made from taffy, can be rolled or molded to create the shape that you are looking for.

Finally, if you don’t know how to build or decorate a gingerbread house then look online or in Christmas magazines. You can find lots of pictures and ideas of how you can make your gingerbread house for the holiday season.

By looking at pictures of what others have done you will get ideas, like how you can make it look like snow on your house by using coconut, white cotton-candy or powdered sugar. They key is to have fun and use your favorite sweets and candies.

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