Best Tips-ideas Practices for Food Shipment

Best Tips-ideas Practices for Food Shipment

There are a variety of mailing services in America that you can use to send food to people in other places with thinking of many ideas. You must however, take precautions to ensure that the food stays fresh throughout the shipping process. This can be done by using proper packaging materials and a cold pack under the food.

For baked foods, you need to let them cool down before packing. You can the place the food in a container for example cupcake boxes if they are cakes. Using shipping boxes that are of nearly the same size as that of the food being sent prevents the container from moving around while being transported.

FDA has developed many regulations that govern food shipment. The Sanitary Food Transportation Act requires the FDA to come up with clean transportation practices to ensure that human and animal food transported by road or rail is transported under conditions that will not adulterate the food.

FDA monitors and governs how food is packaged, boxed, labeled and shipped. However, there are external events that require these regulations to be constantly revised. Such events include public health security and bio-terrorism events.

Foods that are exempted from FDA regulations include foods personally prepared in an individual’s residence, meat products, poultry and egg products and samples of non-consumption foods valued below $200.

Some of the best practices for shipping food include:

  • Adequate planning for how the food will be shipped. Choosing the right cardboard boxes, suitable type of trailer, and reefer for foods that need to be refrigerated and marking foods that need to be kept under specific temperatures.
  • Choose a food grade trailer which complies with FDA requirements for food shipment. The trailer must be dry, have neither holes nor any kind of hazardous substances.
  • Use proper packaging material to maximize shipping capacity without causing and spoilage to the food.
  • When transporting perishable foods, package the item securely in a cold environment. If exposed to high humidity and extreme temperatures, the food may go bad fast.

Food transportation involves a lot of risks. To prevent or avoid all these risks, the Food and drug Administration body in USA bears all the responsibility of ensuring that food preparation and transportation abides to all the regulations.

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