5 soul foods that lift your mood whenever, wherever!

5 soul foods that lift your mood whenever, wherever!

If you are having blue days or pale feeling, there are some food items that can help you by lifting your mood. These foods are considered to help in reducing stress, nervousness, uneasiness and fighting depression. Here we bring you 5 soul foods that will help you boost your mood.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is considered as the best soul food which definitely helps in improving and boosting your mood. As dark chocolate is made up of a high amount of cocoa and antioxidants it helps you in reducing stress hormones. The sweet and bitter taste of the dark chocolate is positive for your health too.


Desserts are the best food to eat as the sweetness and flavour of cupcakes can easily boost your mood. What better than a cupcake when you are feeling low. Pick up your favourite flavour in the cupcake as it will freshen up your mind and decrease the level of depression in you. These tasty little bites from this cupcake and cakes in Dubai shop helps in improving your health and fitness and brings you happiness by lifting up your mood.

Tea or Coffee

Drinking tea or green tea helps you in improving your state of mind. It helps you in keeping your mind alert, and hydration helps you in managing your sugar cravings too. Tea also helps in increasing your focus and attention by lifting up your mood. Staring a day with coffee gets your brain and body moving. Milk coffee helps in energy regulation and a caffeine boost. Milk alone contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin D and calcium which help in reducing the anxiety and depression.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always good for health and always lift up your mood. Fruits and veggies contain a great number of phytochemicals which helps in repairing the health of our brain cells. Fruits and veggies also help in reducing the inflammation in your body which in turn makes you feel better. Fruits that are high in vitamin C like oranges are best for lifting up one’s mood and antioxidants in veggies help lower the risk of depression. Fruits like bananas, berries, apple help in reducing depression, inflammation and increasing overall happiness respectively. Green leafy vegetables like spinach help in reducing fatigue and fight depression.

Nuts and saffron

Walnuts or nuts are rich in essential fats that are needed to improve cell health. Walnuts help in lowering blood cholesterol levels and improve the blood flow in our body. All the nuts are high in magnesium, which plays an important role in converting sugar into energy and keeping the sugar levels in control: thus enhances your mood. Saffron is the most costly spice among all the others, but it does have some pure health benefits. Saffron helps women in the mood swings they have during the premenstrual period or commonly known as PMS and helps fighting depression. Saffron has been used in medicine as a mood lifter and helps in making one feel good.

Eating all these food will surely make you feel energetic, happy and full of life as they not only feed your stomach but they nourish your soul.

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