The best foods for every astrological sign

Every astrological sign has different food preferences depending on various factors. It’s good to know about them. Considering your horoscope before making grocery list is a nice idea. Given below are foods that are the best according to every zodiac sign. Capricorn traits about food are also included. For more information, read on.  


Aries are fast food lovers. They also like appetizers as well as breakfast items. They should have black olives, eggs, couscous, asparagus, Sriracha sauce and radishes. 


Taurus like creamy foods such as chocolate mousse or a quiche. Their favorite foods are cheddar cheese, peas, avocados, potatoes, coconut milk and mayonnaise. 


Gemini prefer a variety in snacks. They should include cucumbers, peas, tangerines, feta cheese, chips and dill in their diet. 


Cancers are sensitive. They enjoy homemade foods rather than dining out. Their diet should consist of pine nuts, lobster, peaches, arugula, coconut and zucchini. 


Leos are vibrant and involve others to tell their dining experience. They want people to know how delicious or distasteful their dishes are. Their best foods are watermelon, mozzarella, mustard, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and corns. 


This sign enjoys small, nutritous frequent meals. They are alwyas after a snack whether at home or on-the-go. The best foods for them can be almonds, string beans, shrimp, figs, raspberries and grape tomatoes. 


Eating is more like an art to Libra. They are conscious about portion size as well as presentation. Sometimes, they find it hard to choose what to eat. So, this issue is resolved here. They can have pomegranates, apples, capers, walnuts, fennel and scallops. 


Scorpio craves for dishes with strong flavors and intense aroma. Their favorite foods are intense. They eat according to their desire. They can have chocolate, beets, mushrooms, artichokes, oysters and pumpkin. So, they should have a variety of healthy food with snacks. 


Sagittarians are purely food lovers. They enjoy it thoroughly. They choose healthy foods most of the time. They prefer fresh foods and plain water. Their types of foods are dates, pecans, plums, squash, turkey and broccoli. 


When it comes to food, Capricorn traits are evident. They want traditional foods that they have been enjoying since their childhood. They can have the same dishes everyday without giving a frown. They take meals on time and hardly skip any meal. They tend to be regular while taking meals. So, they are disciplined. They can have cranberries, cauliflower, kale, leeks, quinoa and beef. Every dish must be cooked to perfection to satisfy their taste buds. 


Aquarius love to socialize while dining. For them, having dinner or snacks with friends is the most enjoyable experience of life. They can have parsnips, wild rice, Brussels sprouts, parsley, tofu and chestnuts. 


For Pisces, delicate soft food is all they want. They may have phobia about taking certain foods. They have a sweet tooth. The ideal foods for them are pears, honey, sweet potatoes, lentils, eggplant and flounder.

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