The Good Eatery in Your Whole Life

The Good Eatery in Your Whole Life

The Food: 

The menu at Good Life Eatery is spot on just big enough not to get bored, yet small enough to be able to pick favorite things to have. There’s a pretty diverse selection, especially for hot and cold drinks. All the hot drinks can be made hot, iced, or blended, with whole/skim/soy/almond milk, and they have a range of cold pressed juices and smoothies.

I really liked that my match and earl grey lattes didn’t have sugar in them (you can ask for it though). They also do a lot of gluten free fare, including desserts.

They’re all about healthy, tasty living here. From delicious gluten free, vegan baked goods (some, but not all of them), to soups, salads, smoothies, freshly cold pressed juices, natural protein snacks, and snacks with chis seeds and coconut milk and the like.

You won’t find any depressing, limp vegan food here – everything is fresh, positive, and looks damn tasty, even if some of it doesn’t have gluten or dairy (they do have “normal” bread too).

The Service: 

The staff is helpful, happy, engage with customers, and really seem to be into the concept here. It’s a new cafe, so I will give a bit of leeway, but sometimes it can take an awfully long time to get anything to take away (like 10 minutes for a toasted sandwich after it’s been ordered). I am hoping that that will improve with time.

The Ambiance: 

Lots of wood tones, and a really authentic, natural decor The interior matches the natural, vibrant/vitality concept they’re trying to convey – it’s clear that a lot of effort was put into this cafe, and that the proprietors actually care deeply about what they’re selling. Careful sitting by the back window – it’s a bit chilly, but I’m advised their working on fixing that.

The Verdict:

These guys have executed their concept really well. There’s not really anything like this in the middle of Chelsea that is simple, independent and good value for money. I was able to meet one of the owners, a young lady with formal culinary training, and experience in Michelin restaurants, and it’s clear she’s followed her passion for food, which is probably why the menu is so good. I hear people around the neighborhood talking about what a gem this place is, and people across town have already been sending their drivers to do breakfast pickups.

The prices for some things may seem a bit high at first (for example the juices and smoothies), but are actually reasonable considering the location, and quality of what you get. It would be nice if the prices were tad lower, but given that it’s a totally independent cafe, using high quality ingredients, I get enough value for money to keep coming back. It’s well worth stopping by to take a look, even if only to grab something to take away.

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