How to Make Cupcakes for Your Own

How to Make Cupcakes for Your Own

There’s no doubt cupcakes are the new black. They always look good, fantastic even and when you’re feeling grouchy and unattractive, a cupcake puts a smile on your face. Just enough sugar and cream to make you grin, but not too much that you fall into a ‘what the hell just happened to my diet’ slump, cupcakes are my favorite treat!

Cupcakes have been a children’s party favorite for decades in the US, Canada, Australia and across Europe. Your mum would always cook up a tray or two of cupcakes and smother them with pink or blue icing (depending on whether you were a boy or a girl) and sprinkle on few silver balls.

Man were you happy… possibly due to the energy high all that sugar and the chemicals in the icing’s food coloring gave you or, more likely, because even then you saw cupcakes as something special.

But over the last couple of years, there’s been a real trend lift in cupcakes and these handfuls of spongy goodness have morphed into a seductive and adult treat. Not just for pink loving, kitten hugging, I believe in miracles girly girls, cupcakes are becoming a staple at high end fashion events, weddings, corporate conferences and in your local cafe.

It is the fact that cupcakes can be customized and themed that has made them so popular. Whatever you are celebrating or acknowledging there is a suitable cupcake out there. Being able to serve everyone with their own individual cake makes them a great no mess option even in the office.

There’s also the excitement, cupcakes put people in a tip top mood. Maybe it’s the children’s party feeling (not that they’ll admit THAT at the corporate event!!) Maybe it’s the great flavors – cupcakes really push the boat out when it comes to recipes and ingredients. Maybe it’s the vegan and low fat options. Who knows! All we know is that we’re on board!

There are so many new flavors to choose from and more being invented all the time. Traditional sponge and icing cupcakes are being superseded by cupcakes made from a wide array of new ingredients.

How about a Harvest Spice?

Which is a cupcake made with butter nut squash icing or a Coco bool made with coconut milk and chocolate. Not only do cupcakes look good they taste sensational.

The Yorkshire Pantry has some great designs for cupcakes. If you want inspiration for cupcakes this site is for you.

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